About Pi Game


This is a litle web game to test how many digits of pi you can memorise.

This site is also a PWA (Progressive Web App) which means you can install it and use it offline.

Q & A

How does this work?

Type a number on the keyboard. If on mobile, enable text input field in settings. Try to recite as much pi as posible.

What do the settings do?

You can switch between light and dark theme in settings. You can also show and hide a text input box so you can bring up a mobile keyboard. Find the settings button at the bottom of the page

How many digits does it go up to?

1000 digits. If you know more than that, than wow!

What is pi?

The ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter. It is an irrational number meaning its digits go on forever.

What is pie?

Pies are a delicious food consisting of stuff inside pastry.

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