Terms of Service


  1. Start Of Terms

    This is a legal agreement between me and you with regards to your usage of the software Level Editor. Please read carefully.

  2. Restrictions

    These following restrictions apply to all users:

    1. You must not in any circumstances use this software to do anything illegal.
    2. You must not use this software to create or distribute content that is hateful, racist, discriminatory, etc. in any nature.
    3. You must not use this software to create or distribute content that could reasonably cause actual harm to a person or people.
    4. You also agree that you will not use this software to design, develop, manufacture, or produce nuclear weapons.
  3. Enforcement

    1. Failure to comply with the restrictions set forth above may result in your use of the software being terminated, even if you have payed for it.
    2. Not enforcing any of these restrictions does not mean I have voided this agreement. If any of these restrictions are deemed unenforceable or illegal, the rest of them will remain in force.
  4. Copyright

    1. Unless otherwise stated, I have made all the sprites, code, sounds, logos etc. present in the software.
    2. You must not sell the software or distribute it as if you made it.
    3. You can record videos of you using this software.
    4. The levels you make using this software are your creations. You are free to do anything with these level files, including commercial purposes, subject to the restrictions above.
  5. No Warranty!

    1. There is absolutely, positively, no warranty at all in any form whatsoever!
    2. The software is provided "AS-IS". I make no warranties (except for those explicitly stated in these terms), express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.
    3. The software may change at any time and I do not guarantee that it will always be backwards compatible or stable.
    4. There is no warranty.
  6. Changes

    1. These terms may be modified at any time.
    2. Before going into force, there must be at least one (1) months notice.
    3. The requirement of advance notice does not apply to minor changes, such as spelling or grammar corrections, which don't affect the meaning of these terms.