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I'm an indie developer; here's the best I've made:

Other Games

Bubble Wrap Android App - The original free and simple antistress.

Bread Dash - Dodge obstacles & eat delicous bread! The first android app I made.

Very Cool Painting Game Competitive cactus dodging snake with colourful trails!

Pi Game a quiz to remember π


Game dev from 10 years old.

I started making games in 2016 in Scratch, at primary school.

I got better at coding and used the Unity game engine to create Bread Dash. Although it was low quality and buggy, I learnt valuable skills which I used for my next projects.

Bubble Wrap was my next and most successful app - with over 28 thousand total users.

My next project, Level Editor, was the most ambitious and complicated. It's basically a game where you can make your own games.

I'm currently porting the Bubble Wrap Android app to Steam, with many new features and improvements. I'm trying to make it the most satisfying antistress app I can!

I also create fun videos about game development on my YouTube channel.